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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can play?

•   All senior golfers aged 50 or over. Both men and women. Professionals and amateurs. For the Pro Am events, there are no age limit for the amateurs. Some events may have other age limits. Please see details in the event you wish to enter.

Must I join as a member?

•    No. You can choose to enter as a non-member. Membership is free in SGTE. 

How do I enter an event?

•    All tournament entries go directly to the tournament organizer through the registration form at the event pages. You find the organizer details at the specific tournament page. There is no registration fee.

How much does it cost?

•    Tournament entry fees for amateurs are normally between €200 - €350 for non members of the golf course. If you are a member of the golf course, you will have a special entry fee. You can find the exact amount for a specific event by looking at its information page. ​​Tournament fee for professionals is €250.


How do I pay?

•    In almost all cases we will send an invoice for the entry fees by email to be paid by bank transfer or by card. 


•    Withdrawals latest one week before the event: The full entry will be refunded (minus bank transfer costs). Alternatively, the player may ask for the entry fee to be “carried over” to their next event.

•    Withdrawals later than one week before the event and 6pm two days before the tournament: 50% of the entry fee will be refunded.

•    Withdrawals later than 6pm two days before the tournament: No refund of the entry fee.

Why should an amateur wish to play on the SGTE?

•    The SGTE is now almost unique in offering “open” golf whereby amateurs and pros compete together. The mix of tour pros, club pros and amateurs makes for a very special atmosphere and camaraderie.

What are the handicap limits?

•    These vary depending on the event. Specific details can be found on the tournament information pages. Individual and Better Ball Tournaments are open to all senior golfers age of 50 and over with a handicap 20 and below. ProAm events are open to any amateur player with a official handicap – with a maximum handicap of 30. There are some variations, so for exact details, go to the tournament page. 

Who will I get drawn with?

•    In general, the better ball event and the first individual round draw mixes everyone up. Following round is done by score.

What can I win?

•    The professional prize fund is composed of a minimum of 80% of the entry fees. Depending on the event, this may be increased by sponsorship.

•    Around 1/3 of professionals will receive prizes.

•    Prizes are given at the prize giving shortly after the close of play

•    There are separate prizes for amateurs. Net and gross. In all events amateurs win products from our local sponsors and vouchers from our resort partners: National Golf Resort in Lithuania and Arabella Golf Resort on Mallorca.

Do I have to make my own travel and accommodation arrangements?

•    In the tournament information you will find details of local accommodation with very good deals. We recommend all players to use the suggested accommodation, to support the local organizer and resort. For some tournaments there is official accommodation which competitors must use. There are some extra fees for players who are not using the suggested accommodation due to extra costs.

When and how will I find out my tee time?

•    Tee times will be published on the golf course, by email and on the website on the evening before. If you have any doubt please contact the tournament organiser through the contact details given on the tournament information page​

May I spectate?

•    Yes, you are very welcome to attend free of charge. The players will be delighted to have you there.

Is it a final event in the end of the year?​

•    The Tour Final will be available to all players. 

Is it necessary to qualify to play events?

•    The SGTE promotes “Open” golf. There are no pre-qualifying events. Provided you meet the age and handicap requirements, then we would love to have you to play in our events. Events can book out, in which case it is first come.

Can I/we hold an event on Senior Golf Tour Europe?

•    If you, your association or club or company wish to know more about holding a SGTE event, then please CONTACT US.

How can I get more information?

•    If you need general information about the Senior Golf Tour Europe then please read the FAQs. If you still require information then CONTACT US.

•    If you need more information on a specific event then look at the Events and click on the tournament in question. After that, if you have any questions about that event then please contact the tournament organiser using in the contact details on the tournament information page.

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