Senior Golf Tour Europe 

Order of Merit 2021

The order of merit points are awarded depending on where is player is placed in the results in the gross result list. The point system in all events are calculated by the following system:

1-200 p, 2-180 p, 3-160 p, 4-150 p, 5-145 p, 6-140 p, 7-135 p, 8-130 p, 9-125 p, 10-120 p, 11-115 p, 12-110 p, 13-105 p, 14-100 p, 15-99 p, 16-98 p, 17-97 p, 18-96 p, 19-95 p, 20-94 p, 21-93p, 22-92p, 23-93p, 24-92p, 25-91p.....


30 extra points is awarded for every tournament played in.

It is double points in the Tour Final in December 2021.

The total points will be calculated from the best 5 results in the 2021 season.


The Algarvian Invitational and Charity Pro-Am is not included in the OoM for the 2021 and 2022 season.


Order of Merit 2021

Order of Merit 2020


Carlos Palmaseda

Winner of OoM 2020 (Pro)


James Woodham

Winner of OoM 2020 (Amateur)

Order of Merit 2019


Richard Hassel

Winner of OoM 2019 (Pro)


Erlend Wiik

Winner of OoM 2019 (Amateur)

Order of Merit 2018


Richard Hassel

Winner of OoM 2018 (Pro)


Erlend Wiik

Winner of OoM 2018 (Amateur)

Order of Merit 2017


Jorgen van Vuuren

Winner of OoM 2017 (Pro)


Anders Hammer

Winner of OoM 2017 (Amateur)