Order of Merit


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The order of merit points are awarded depending on where is player is placed in the results. The point system in all events are calculated by the following system:

1-200 p, 2-180 p, 3-160 p, 4-150 p, 5-145 p, 6-140 p, 7-135 p, 8-130 p, 9-125 p, 10-120 p, 11- 115 p, 12-110 p, 13-105 p, 14-100 p, 15-99 p, 16-98 p, 17-97 p, 18-96 p, 19-95 p, 20-94 p.....


20 extra points is awarded for every tournament played in.

The top 10 professionals of the OoM will receive prize money from the entry fee fund from all tournaments and the 3 best amateurs will receive good prizes.

You need to play minimum 5 events 2019 to receive any prizes in the Order of Merit.


Order of Merit 2019

After Asolo International Pro Am 2019, the OoM leaders

are Jorgen van Vuuren from Norway (Pro) and Erlend Wiik from Norway (Am): 

Order of Merit 2018

Richard Hassel

Winner of OoM 2018 (Pro)

Erlend Wiik

Winner of OoM 2018 (Amateur)

Order of Merit 2017

Jorgen van Vuuren

Winner of OoM 2017 (Pro)

Anders Hammer

Winner of OoM 2017 (Amateur)

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