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The events are open for all senior golfers age 50 and over!

Welcome to the 2023 season!

The Tour Final is open for registration:
Marbella Senior Open 2023 - 28th-30th of November
And the first events in 2024 are already open:
Algarvian Invitational 2024 - 2nd-6th of January
Algarvian Charity Pro Am 2024 - 7th-14th of January

Results from the events for the 2023 season:

Algarvian Invitational 2023 - 3rd-7th of January
Algarvian Charity Pro Am 2023 - 8th-15th of January
Mallorca Senior Open 2023 - 9th-11th of February
JJW International Amateurs 2023 - 12th-19th of February
Malaga Senior Open 2023 - 4th-6th of April
Lisbon Senior Open 2023 - 14th-16th of May
Padova Senior Open 2023 - 28th-30th of June
Norwegian Senior Open 2023 - 25th-27th of July
National Senior Open 2023 - 18th-20th of August
Tegernseer Senior Open 2023 - 11th-13th of September


Algarvian Invitational 2022 - 4th-8th of January
Algarvian Charity Pro Am 2022 - 9th-16th of January
Mallorca Senior Open 2022 - 9th-11th of February
Lisbon Senior Open 2022 - 27th-29th of May
Padova Senior Open 2022 - 23rd-25th of June

National Senior Open 2022 - 26th-28th of August
Munich Senior Open 2022 - 12th-14th of September
Valencia Senior Open 2022 - 13th-15th of October
Marbella Senior Open 2022 - 5th-7th of December


Algarvian Charity Pro Am 2021 - 10th-16th of January
Mallorca Senior Open 2021 - 6th-8th of May
Costa del Golf Senior Open 2021 - 28th-30th of May
 Lisbon Senior Open 2021 - 17th-19th of June
National Senior Open 2021 - 20th-22nd of August
Munich Senior Open 2021 - 11th-13th of October
Marbella Senior Open 2021 - 1st-3rd of December


Algarvian Invitational 2020
Algarvian Charity Pro-Am 2020
Mallorca Senior Open 2020 - 20th-22nd of February
Norwegian Senior Open 2020 - 31st of July-2nd of August
National Senior Open 2020 - 21st-23rd of August
SGTE Senior Open at Olching 2020 - 5th-7th of October
Senior Golf Tour Europe Open 2020 - 6th-8th of November
Marbella Senior Open 2020 - 3rd-5th of December

“It´s a fantastic opportunity for amateurs to play together with professionals at great venues! I really recommend all senior players to join the events and feel the good atmosphere!”

Waiting Room


The 2019 season was a big success!

In Portugal the first event was fully booked with 144 players and in Pro Am the week after it was 200 players! 


In Mallorca Senior Open there were 53 players from 13 nations and we had a new record with 7 women playing in the event! We moved to Hungary and the beautiful Zala Springs Resort, then off to UK and the fantastic Rockliffe Hall.


Then we spent the days just outside Rome at Fiuggi and experienced the great Italian hospitality with wine and food. After Rome, it was time to travel up to the magic summer light in Scandinavia and Norwegian Senior Open.


Then some fantastic days at the beautiful National Golf Resort in LithuaniaAfter Lithuania, we organized SGTE Senior Open at Golf Club Olching which is one of the best golf courses in Germany. 


We were on Sardegna, Italy at the fantastic Is Molas golf resort for the Is Molas Senior Open 2019 and then moved to Asolo for the Asolo International Pro Am. And finally we ended the season with the Tour final at La Cala Golf Resort in Marbella!


Please go to the Tournament page for more information about our events:

Tournaments 2019




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